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There has been a lot of change and opening up of the telecoms industry over the past few years. Perhaps the most noticeable, from a residential customer’s point of view, has been the introduction of “Openreach” which effectively replaced the BT engineers.

At the moment when you request any work to be done through your existing telephone service provider, Openreach are, in turn, called to carry it out and you may then be shocked at the size of their bill when the work is eventually completed. But you do have a choice.

What you may not know is that if the work involves wiring or equipment on or within your property you are no longer obliged to use BT. That’s where we come in.

We pride ourselves by the fact that we can do this work more quickly, to the same standard and at a much lower price. Our service is fast, friendly and local.

Here is a list of all the services we offer – give us a try.

Broadband set up and troubleshooting 
We know it’s not always as easy as switching it on and that you can spend hours of frustration trying to get it sorted! We won’t leave you until its up and running!

We will set up your broadband, so you all you have to do is switch your computer on. Don’t worry about the wires, software and compatibility – we will get your internet up and running.

And if you do have a problem with an existing set up? We have sophisticated testing equipment which can identify the fault and get you back on line.

Secure Wireless set up
Sometimes you just don’t want to be tied to one room when surfing the net or have the cost of additional phone sockets in your house. The flexible solution is a wireless set up and we can easily establish a wireless network for you and make sure it is all secure so nobody else can access it before we leave.

Telephone extensions 
Not having a telephone point where you want one can be really annoying but we can easily fit you extra points wherever you require them and it won’t cost you anywhere near the amount BT will charge you for exactly the same job .

Fault finding and repairs 
Once you have spoken with your service provider and they have carried out a simple test whilst you are on the phone to confirm that the fault is on your property – stop there! Give us a call and by using all our skill, experience and the latest testing equipment we can quickly identify the fault, advise you what needs to be done to repair it and how much it will cost.

Internal and external rewiring 
Your existing wiring may be ugly, untidy or wearing thin. After years of decorating or being exposed to the elements your telephone cabling may need to be replaced to prevent any possible faults occurring or just changed for cosmetic reasons. We can carry out any changes you require at a fraction of the price of BT.

Data points and cabling (including cat5e and cat6e)
With ongoing advances in technology and new products coming on the market you may well find that you need a data connection point installed to get the most out of your media and entertainment set up. Online gaming (Xbox, play station), new television packages (Smart tv, BT Vision, Virgin Media) for example all require this and we can offer data cabling and points to suit your needs.

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